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AllNutrition AllDeynn Collarose Fish 300g

alates -15%57.38€
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49.90 €
alates -15%57.38€
49.90 €
Parim hind!
49.90 €
49.90 €
Makseperiood: Kuumakse:
Collarose is not an ordinary product based on industrial collagen used in food products or some cheap supplements. Our product features collagen in the form of bioactive collagen peptides rather than regular collagen.
  • Tarne: 1 - 3 päeva ostu sooritamise päevast
  • Omniva: 2.30 €
  • Tarnimine kohustuslik!
  • Tootekood: 50724
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Tootja: AllNutrition
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Kategooria: Valgud
Koostis: Kollageen
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    Pakkumisest lähemalt

    Why choose AllNutrition AllDeynn Collarose Fish?

    • Improved skin elasticity
    • Reduced wrinkles
    • Reduced cellulite
    • Promoting growth and health of nails
    • Strong and shiny hair

    Collarose Fish are the ideal supplements for women whose skin is exposed to excessive sunlight, people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer or telephone screen, and all those whose diet does not provide them with all the ingredients necessary for healthy and youthful-looking skin. The products are especially recommended for women who look after their appearance and wish to slow down the skin ageing process and improve skin firmness, tone and elasticity. Fish collagen is nearly identical to our own collagen. It contains high concentrations of glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, which are amino acids - compounds that build our body. The formula, which supplements the diet with collagen obtained from fish and enriched with hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin, ensures a beautiful appearance, slows down the ageing of the skin and improves its firmness, tone and elasticity. A product specially formulated for women with an intolerance to beef or pork protein. Collarose Fish offers guaranteed synergy and positive effects of several elasticity-enhancing ingredients, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the product. Collarose Fish contains patented VERISOL collagen peptides produced by German pharmaceutical company GELITA, which boost collagen production from the inside by creating new collagen fibres in the whole skin and especially in the face. What is collagen? Collagen is a form of protein that is the main glue that binds the cells of our skin and makes up to 80% of its dry weight. Collagen makes our skin firm and smooth. Collagen deficits are most noticeable on the face and neck, where wrinkles and imperfections appear. The skin then droops and sags as it loses elasticity with the loss of collagen. Bioactive collagen peptides found in VERISOL, even on their own, are a powerful tool to fight the ageing process of the skin and accelerate its regeneration. The effects of Collarose are reinforced by other active ingredients such as: Vitamin C, Biotin, Hyaluronic acid. Collarose offers guaranteed synergy and positive effects of several elasticity-enhancing ingredients, which significantly increases the effectiveness of the product. Vitamin C Only with sufficient vitamin C levels is the body able to produce collagen efficiently and effectively. In addition, vitamin C has a great impact on the final shape, correct and strong structure of collagen fibres and has strong antioxidant properties. Biotin Biotin is also known as vitamin H or vitamin B7. It is also called the VITAMIN OF YOUTH. It gives us more energy, regulates our mood and facilitates the absorption of vitamin C. It is an exceptional B-group vitamin, which has a beneficial effect on the quality of our life and health. Although biotin has many different functions, without a doubt its most popular effect is on the condition of the hair, skin and nails. Hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic acid is an organic compound that is present in every living organism. It has hygroscopic properties, i.e. it binds water in the dermis. One molecule of hyaluronic acid is able to bind up to 250 water molecules. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid begins to drop, so it loses its ability to bind water and the first wrinkles appear.


    Dissolve one serving (1 scoop 6 g) in 150 - 200 ml of water and consume.

    Do not exceed 1 serving per day.


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