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BioTech USA Vegan Protein 500g - Chocolate Cinnamon

19.90 €
19.90 €
Makseperiood: Kuumakse:
  • Tarne: 1 - 3 päeva ostu sooritamise päevast
  • Omniva: 2.30 €
  • Tarnimine kohustuslik!
  • Tootekood: 50451-chocolatecinnamon
  • EAN: 5999076228362
Üldised parameetrid
Tootja: Biotech USA
Toote omadused
Kategooria: Valgud
Koostis: Vegan
Koostis: Laktoosivaba
Koostis: Teised
Näidustused kasutamiseks: Enne treeningut
Näidustused kasutamiseks: Lihaste ehitus
Näidustused kasutamiseks: Taastumine
Näidustused kasutamiseks: Vegan
Näidustused kasutamiseks: Peale treeningut
    Pakkumisest lähemalt
    • Vegan protein complex (rice and peas) with added functional amino acids
    • Sugar- and lactose-free*
    • Gluten-free
    • No preservatives
    • No artificial colour
    • Non-GMO
    • Aspartame-free
    • With 3 types of superfoods


    *It refers to ready shakes mixed with water.


    To be a vegan athlete? It is possible!


    Would you like to have an athletic body while following a vegan diet? It takes some attention, but it is possible. Many fear that without food of animal origin they cannot do bodybuilding because all their hard work would be lost. There are many famous and successful athletes who prove this statement wrong. You can be vegan and still muscular even if you turned into an herbivore from a real carnivore one day to the other. The key is quality protein supplementation.


    The base is rice and peas


    Unlike the animal-derived versions, foods of plant origin are not complete protein sources, which means that they don’t contain all the essential amino acids your body requires. However, with complementing (with a combination of different plant protein sources) you can get a protein complex that is of full value. In Vegan Protein we achieved this by combining two protein sources that perfectly complement each other – rice protein that contains little lysine, but it is rich in sulphur-containing amino acids (such as cysteine and methionine) and pea protein that contains less of the sulphur-containing amino acids while it is rich in lysine. There are additional extras added to this excellent base.


    + 3 types of superfoods


    • Quinoa flour → The ancient Incas considered this popular ingredient of reform cuisines to be the mother of all cereals, while it is only a ‘pseudo-cereal’. It has a lower carbohydrate content than regular cereals, but its protein content is higher (16%). Furthermore, it is an excellent mineral source as it contains potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron.
    • Acai berry powder → The acai berry, which is indigenous in the Amazonian rain forests, has an outstanding ORAC value (International Standard for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).
    • Goji berry powder → Goji berries (also known as wolfberries) have been used in China as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years. The tangy, bright red fruit that has a flavour reminiscent of the mixture of cherry and blackberry contains 8 essential amino acids and a lot of vitamin C.


    Let's see the numbers!


    Per serving (25g):


    • 106 kcal
    • 19 g protein
    • Added amino acids:
      • 1390 mg L-glutamine
      • 650 g L-arginine


    It is recommended to you if you:


    • are vegetarian or vegan. Vegan Protein can greatly complement your protein intake, especially if you do sports → its plant-based protein content contributes to muscle growth and the maintenance of muscle mass.
    • are looking for a plant-based alternative to milk-based proteins.
    • are lactose-sensitive
    • are celiac
    • love reform cuisines → it can be used as an excellent thickener to soups or vegetable casseroles.


    Like all BioTechUSA products, Vegan Protein consists of safe and carefully selected ingredients.

    Kasutamisjuhend Mix 1 serving (25g = 3 flat tablespoons) powder with 250ml water. Consume it immediately after workout. On rest days take your shake in the afternoon. Use a shaker.




    Chocolate-cinnamon flavoured: pea protein isolate, rice protein, fat-reduced cocoa powder, L-Glutamine, flavour enhancer (glycine and its sodium salt), L-Arginine, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), cinnamon, thickeners (carrageenan, cellulose gum), quinoa flour 1.6%, flavourings, goji berry powder 1.1%, acai berry powder 0.6%, salt, sweetener (sucralose).


    Forest fruit flavoured: pea protein isolate, rice protein, L-Glutamine, flavourings, flavour enhancer (glycine and its sodium salt), thickeners (carrageenan, cellulose gum), L-Arginine, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), quinoa flour 1.6%, goji berry powder 1.1%, acid (citric acid), acai berry powder 0.6%, salt, sweetener (sucralose).


    Vanilla cookie flavoured: pea protein isolate, rice protein, L-Glutamine, flavourings, flavour enhancer (glycine and its sodium salt), L-Arginine, emulsifier: lecithins (soy), quinoa flour 1.6%, thickeners (carrageenan, cellulose gum), goji berry powder 1.1%, acai berry powder 0.6%, salt, cinnamon, sweetener (sucralose).

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